Nylon men's Underwear

Nylon men's Underwear

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Nylon men's underwear.

Nylon men's underwear. Nylon is the name for a group of synthetic polymers that belong to the group of polyamides. Nylon is the brand name of polyamide and was patented in 1935 by an American company. Nylon is used for many different products. From men's underwear to mountain sports ropes

The History of Nylon

Nylon was initially made as a replacement of silk. In the Second World War there was a shortage of silk. Silk was used to make parachutes, but here was simply too little supply. So the synthetic fabric nylon was created and used for parachutes. It is even used for applications in machines and tools. Here it served as a replacement for metal.

The Nylon Characteristics

Nylon is a very soft fabric with a huge elasticity. Nylon is also very strong, which means that nylon men's underwear generally lasts for a long time. The other characteristic of nylon is that it does not wrinkle. Ideal for those who do not like ironing.

Nylon Boxershorts

At Menwantmore you can choose from a huge range of nylon boxer shorts. But also briefs, men's thongs and jockstraps made from nylon. Both Mundo Unico and Clever Moda have a wide range of nylon models.


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