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Clever Clever Magical latin boxershort
Clever Magical latin boxershort
€27,95 €23,10
Jor Jor Retro zwemshort
Jor Retro zwemshort
€49,95 €41,28
Pump Pump Play Yellow boxershort
Pump Play Yellow boxershort
€31,95 €26,41
Jor Jor Speed boxershort
Jor Speed boxershort
€29,95 €24,75
Jor Jor Magic boxershort
Jor Magic boxershort
€29,95 €24,75
Clever Clever Sacred boxershort
Clever Sacred boxershort
€29,95 €24,75
Mundo Unico Mundo Unico Profundo Microfiber boxershort
Mundo Unico
Mundo Unico Profundo Microfiber boxershort
€28,95 €23,93

Our Story

Menwantmore came to life during my travels through Latin-America. I wanted to enjoy adventure, but I was also on a discovery for business. As an entrepreneur and adventurer, it was a dream of mine to start doing international business and built a company that could become the foundation for my adventurous lifestyle. Through the years, the desire to create a more positive impact increased. This naturally evolved into supporting the project Street Kids of Medellin.

Our mission is to bring more comfort and bravura in men’s daily life. Positivity is at our core. Bravura is the fuel and adventure is the essence! We only work together with the best factories where comfort and premium quality prevail. Factories that each in their own way contribute to the local community and economy.

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Handmade with perfection

We maintain strong bonds and communication with our suppliers and partners that are involved in our production processes. Our underwear is produced by manufacturers in Colombia, we are already working well with them for a considerable time.

We regularly visit our factories in Colombia. Here, our products are being produced in a conscious manner paying attention to our people and the planet. In doing so, we can guarantee that we offer products that are being manufactured with great care.

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The Unico Secret

The Unico Secret

The Unico Secret: Social and corporate social responsibility is a part of this durable brand. Unico is a family-oriented company that has a positive i

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Clever Moda Underwear

Clever Moda Underwear

The story of Clever Underwear. Clever Moda is a very versatile and sensual Latin American men's underwear brand. The brand combines a love for color a

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Mundo Unico Underwear

Mundo Unico Underwear

Colombian Comfort. Together with a team of medical specialists, designers and material experts, Mundo Unico has grown into a leading brand.

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Transparent Underwear for Men

Transparent Underwear for Men

The sexy look of transparent underwear is an important reason for men to choose for these men cheeky underwear models. But there is another secret...

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Premium Underwear for men

Menwantmore travels the world in search of the very best premium men's underwear. We seek exclusive, progressive mens underwear brands that are less known to the general public. We do this for those men that want to stand out. We source around the globe looking for the most exclusive and sexy mens underwear. We believe there is a growing need for original and innovative men's underwear. Our collection of mens lingerie comes out of Colombia, Australia and Portugal. All the way from Colombia we import the premium brands Mundo Unico, Clever Moda and Pikante. Clever Moda and Mundo Unico are our favorites and we offer the biggest collection available throughout Europe. Underwear that is genuinely different from the mass. Premium underwear for men with creativity and quality. Pikante is erotic mens underwear. It's all in the name, I guess.. From Portugal with love: Impetus and Hot Impetus. Great brands where Portuguese craftmanship meets design. Croota is Australian. An adventurous brand inspired by the overwhelming Australian nature. Our online underwear store already exists since 2010. We started with the name Lingerie 4 men but since july 2018 we have changed our brandname: Menwantmore. If you are looking for sexy boxershorts, exclusive mens briefs, thongs for men, jockstraps, tank tops or sexy mens swimwear. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re at the right place! Welcome!

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