But Unico does more. Unico offers a free breakfast daily and pays half of the lunch. There is a partnership with an institution to give education to the employees who want to finish their primary school. Unico offers logistic assistance and has created a special study space. In addition, there is a support program to finance further studies. Personal growth of employees and the positive impact on families are the secret of Mundo Unico. This ensures loyalty and sharpness which is immediately visible in the quality of the products. By investing in the craftsmanship of our own staff, the quality is and remains unprecedented. That is the secret of Unico. Fair fashion is more honest.

The Unico collection

Who makes Unico?

Maria Eugenia Berrioci

Has been working for Mundo Unico for almost 17 years. She started as a cleaner, worked at the production and now works in logistics. She lives in a private house where she takes care of four children.

"Here I finished my school and the company has actively helped me find my own house. Thanks to the efficient work pattern, I can go home in time to be with my children. I always want to continue working here."

Marisol Colorado Lopera

Has been working at Unico for 9 years now. She completed her studies during these years. She started as an operator, promoted and is now the supervisor of the clothing factory. She lives with her parents, brother and her 18 year old daughter.

"I took the opportunity to work and study at the same time with both hands. Thanks to a stable income and our social work culture, I became who I am today."

Verenice Ramirez

Has been working at Unico for 12 years and has had multiple positions in the company. She is the proud mother of two children. Verenice's daughter now lives in the Netherlands and her son is completing his studies.

"Unico helped me a lot, so I was able to finish my school here. It is an encouraging environment and there are many opportunities to grow as a person. I enjoy going to work every day."

The Unico Collection

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