Clever Underwear

Clever Underwear

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Clever; stylish and sexy men's underwear

The men's underwear brand Clever started in 2004. For more than ten years this Colombian brand has been on the road with a recognizable Latin American style. Clever focuses on the modern fashion conscious man. The South American man wants stylish and sexy underwear, but also European and American men increasingly care about high-quality men's lingerie. Clever is now sold in South America, North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The collection

Clever Clever has a wide collection of boxer shorts, briefs, tanga briefs, strings, jockstraps and swimwear. All products are made of high-quality material, such as soft stretch material, printed cotton and smooth microfiber. Clever underwear often has bright colors and eye-catching prints. The waistband comes in many different colors and also has a different color than the boxer or slip itself. Translucent fabrics are also used to give the lingerie a sensual look. At the same time these are pleasant breathable fabrics.

An important feature of Clever underwear is the push-up in all models. A special compartment for the noble parts for ultimate wearing comfort and creating a nice lift. The models all fall low on the hip, so that the male body comes into its own better.


Innovation is one of the pillars for the Clever brand. This distinguishes it from other brands. Continuous attention is paid to fashion and trends in order to offer the customer high standards and to meet the style of the fashion-conscious modern man. Both the design and the materials used must be of a high-quality level.


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