The good properties of polyester men's underwear

Men's underwear consists more often than not of polyester. Sometimes it's made from a combination of polyester and spandex or cotton. Polyester is an extremely durable synthetic fabric. It's strong and resilient and doesn't wrinkle easily, dries quickly and is very well fixed in shape and color. Some think it's the perfect men's underwear. It remains beautiful, even after a number of washes. The wearing comfort is very good.

Polyester by Clever Moda 

All these great properties of polyester are the main reason why so many producers of men's underwear often use the fabric in their collection. For example, the amazing Colombian brand Clever uses a lot of polyesters, often in combination with spandex and cotton. The lingerie is so incredibly made that it feels like you are wearing the comfiest sports underwear. Without looking like a rugby player. Also, Mundo Unico uses polyester.

Thermo Underwear

Thermal underwear is often made of polyester. Usually in combination with cotton or even wool. Polyester underwear dissipates the sweat from under the underwear. This causes rapid evaporation of sweat. The cotton or wool ensures that the user stays warm and dry. Thermal underwear is ideal for snowboarders and skiers, but also for runners and cyclists and those who like to hike the great outdoors.