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Pikante Pikante Neon brief
Pikante Neon brief
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Pikante Pikante Global brief
Pikante Global brief
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Pikante underwear

Erotic men’s underwear from Pikante is very challenging. This is 100% latin spirit with that firm erotic touch. All underwear models in this collection have a high quality. Pikante underwear offers, for example, transparent men's boxershorts but also latex look boxer shorts. The Pikante Latex look boxer shorts are boxer shorts made of polyester, but resemble latex. This material is very comfortable and almost feels like a second skin. The sexy men's briefs from Pikante underwear come in many different styles, shapes and colors. Like transparent men's briefs, men's briefs with notches, men's briefs with a latex-like substance. The men's strings and the jock straps within the collection of Pikante underwear are extremely challenging and sexy. The designers of this brand are very creative in coming up with new models and styles. If you like spicy you will love Pikante. A very nice addition to our sexy mens underwear collection.

Erotic men's underwear

Erotic men’s underwear is available in many different forms and shapes. We at Menwantmore think that the Colombian brand Pikante offers strikingly erotic underwear for men. This sensual collection men’s underwear is made to make you stand out. This collection is for men with courage, for those that dare to experiment. The sexy designs that Pikante offers make men that wear Pikante definitely look sensual and exciting. The same team of designers behind the brand Clever are also the designers of the Pikante brand. The difference between these two is the degree of creativity that is put into the designs. Pikante is slightly more creative and experimental. Erotic men’s underwear with a stimulating effect. 

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